Get Ready

To Refresh Britain

Cleaner air = a better life

Air pollution may sound like a big subject (and it is). After all, it affects all of us. It damages the towns we’re proud of and makes our local parks less pleasant, our high streets dirtier, and our landmarks less beautiful. Whether or not we give it much thought, bad air quality directly affects our quality of life.

But it’s not all bad news. By showing your support and helping us do that bit more to clean up our air, we can make massive changes and all lead better lives. Plus, our neighbourhoods (and neighbours) will thank us.

People cleaning a yard

Our Plans For...


Better towns

Rejuvenating our towns and cities to create communities that we can be proud of.


More comfortable homes

Help more households save money on energy and ensure they are sustainable for the future.


Cleaner transport

Bring existing and new technologies directly into towns and cities and improve our infrastructure.


Greener streets

Increase opportunities for more of us to take advantage of our vibrant high streets.

A young couple with child smiling A young couple with child smiling

How you can help

Firstly, show us your support by signing up below. Don’t worry, we’ll do the hard work, but we’ll keep you posted about all the events and activities that are coming up near you.

From getting outside and taking part in fun runs to signing up to local litter picks and talking to the people who can make a big difference, we have an action-packed agenda up our sleeves…

Oh, and make sure to tell your neighbours too!