Clean Communities


Our plan to improve UK air quality

Voters across the country want action. Hard-working families want to live, work and raise their children in clean communities free from air pollution. 

Refresh Britain has been clear on what this will take. This will mean investment in local communities to rejuvenate our towns and cities, building cleaner local transport, helping households save money on energy and funding greener streets for everyone to enjoy. 

At this election, each party needs to present clear, actionable plans to deliver what voters want – solving air pollution, cleaning up communities and delivering the local investment towns need. 

Refresh Britain’s Clean Communities Manifesto is the fresh plan voters want to deliver fresh air and fresh investment for their towns. 

Deliver better home insulation

Upgrade all homes to EPC band C, reforming the Great British Insulation Scheme and broadening the scope of homes available to be funded. This will increase the energy efficiency of people’s homes and decrease their energy bills. This could be funded through a tax on high-polluting industries.

Support our high streets with further pedestrianisation

Help small businesses and local communities by targeting the most congested and polluted high streets for pedestrianisation, reducing the emissions of vehicles passing through and creating town centres we can all be proud of.

Rejuvenate our town centres

Introduce more green spaces, parks and tree planting, guaranteeing our towns are places people can take pride in. More green spaces will tackle pollution while also making communities nicer places to live for hard-working families.

Invest in better green transport for voters

Accelerate the roll out of new electric buses to local authorities so voters have improved access to more and better public transport. Also increase options for active travel, such as cycling and walking.

Give drivers and businesses upgrade vouchers

Give drivers and businesses vouchers worth £4,500 to help them upgrade to more efficient cars or electric vehicles, tackling emissions output. This will support drivers and businesses to upgrade their old vehicles.

Empower regional governments to make the right local decisions

Increase the powers and funding for regional government, enabling mayors and local authorities to have access to more resource and more decision-making powers for delivering change within their local community.



Ahead of polling day, candidates up-and-down the country should get behind the policies their voters want to deliver for their towns and the plans their communities need to breath clean air. 

For further information on the Refresh Britain’s Clean Communities Manifesto please contact: [email protected] 

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